Media and First Amendment Law

Media and First Amendment Law

Media and First Amendment Law

Todd and Weld LLP has a national media and First Amendment litigation practice, having litigated claims on behalf of individuals and entities from Iowa to the Virgin Islands. We recognize that whether it is your own reputation or that of your business, it takes a lifetime to establish your good name but only seconds to lose it unfairly in our age of instant global communication.

Our practice has involved representation of members of the judiciary, a sitting Congressman, a rock star, doctors, business owners, and ordinary individuals who have suffered injury to their reputation as a result of a portrayal in a book or movie. We regularly represent businesses who have been victimized by corporate or product disparagement, typically via electronic media.

Our lawyers represented Judge Ernest B. Murphy in his successful and landmark public official defamation lawsuit against the Boston Herald in which a jury returned a verdict for $2.09 million which was later upheld by the Supreme Judicial Court. Our lawyers successfully defended Congressman John Tierney when he was sued mid-election campaign by his opponent for allegedly publishing false advertisements. We have prevailed after a jury trial for an Ohio debt collection agency which was defamed via the Internet by a well-known class action attorney.  We have successfully defended a sitting judge in criminal contempt proceedings based upon the exercise of his conscience in refusing to take a first degree murder prosecution to trial after learning of prosecutorial misconduct.


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