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Aug. 2017

Just Transparency: Study shows many hospitals have room for improvement in providing consistent quality care

While the recently released 2017-2018 rankings of hospitals by U.S. News & World Report honor top performing medical facilities across the country, the study shows that many hospitals are falling short in consistently providing quality care.

In his latest Just Transparency post, Jeffrey Catalano writes that the U.S. News study demonstrates the imperative need for regulators, patient safety advocates, and the legal system to continue holding medical providers accountable for the critical health services they provide to patients.

"No one would dispute that we cannot expect perfection in all situations and cases," Mr. Catalano writes.  "However, it is equally indisputable that we all have a right to expect that all hospitals will have 'high performance' in as many categories [in the study] as possible.  Otherwise, if we accept lower standards of care, then lower standards of care is what we will receive."

Mr. Catalano, a partner at the firm, represents victims of catastrophic injuries, including those resulting from medical negligence. He is the current President of the Massachusetts Bar Association.