Megan L. Rothemich


Megan L. Rothemich concentrates her practice on all aspects of domestic relations law, including multifaceted divorce cases involving asset division, issues of child support and alimony, and custody disputes.  She collaborates with experts for varied purposes, including business valuation, forensic analysis of financial information, tax scrutiny, and psychological evaluations and opinions.  Megan handles other complex family law matters, such as pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements; paternity actions involving custody, visitation, and support of children born out of wedlock; and modification, contempt, and equity complaints incident to prior domestic relations proceedings.

In her practice, Megan regularly appears in probate and family courts throughout Massachusetts, primarily Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Suffolk County, and Essex County.  She also resolves cases short of litigation through direct negotiation, as well as through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and conciliation.  Regardless of the forum, Megan approaches each case with a pragmatic view aimed to achieve favorable results efficiently.

Megan volunteers for the Norfolk County Attorneys Representing Children program where she is appointed by various judges to serve as an advocate and counsel for children in domestic relations and paternity matters.

Prior to joining Todd & Weld in 2012, Megan served as a judicial intern with the Middlesex Probate & Family Court.  She observed hundreds of domestic relations cases, researched novel legal issues, and assisted in the drafting of an official court opinion after a contested trial.

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