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Summer 2024 Family Law newsletter: When should you seek a custody modification?

The recently published Summer 2024 Family Law newsletter assesses the factors courts consider when weighing a request to modify a child custody order.

Courts are generally hesitant to change custody arrangements absent circumstances that threaten a child’s best interests.  For example, a court might modify a custody arrangement if it disrupts school or extracurricular activities.  A court might also consider a modification if a parent needs to relocate and the current custody arrangement would be impracticable following the move.

The Summer 2024 newsletter, published by partner Gary Owen Todd, covers other important issues, including how to prepare for divorce mediation and how to ensure business assets remain separate from marital property in the event of a divorce.

Mr. Todd, a Founding Partner at the firm, is recognized locally and nationally as a preeminent family law attorney concentrating on domestic relations and probate litigation.  He has successfully negotiated, mediated, and tried numerous family law issues at the trial court and appellate levels.