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Spring 2024 Family Law newsletter: ‘Parallel parenting’ for divorced couples an alternative to co-parenting

The recently published Spring 2024 Family Law newsletter assesses how “parallel parenting” is an alternative to co-parenting for ex-spouses unable to avoid conflict and stress for their children.  

Parallel parenting allows each ex-spouse to make their own parenting decisions during their time with children.  This can minimize direct conflict, resulting in less stress for the children. 

It requires each parent to respect the other parent’s decisions and usually involves detailed parenting plans delineating each parent’s responsibilities and how holidays, vacations and school events will be handled. 

The Spring 2024 newsletter, published by partner Gary Owen Todd, covers other important issues, including how divorce impacts health insurance and tips on tracking down assets an ex-spouse may be hiding to keep out of the marital estate.

Mr. Todd, a Founding Partner at the firm, is recognized locally and nationally as a preeminent family law attorney concentrating on domestic relations and probate litigation.  He has successfully negotiated, mediated, and tried numerous family law issues at the trial court and appellate levels.