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Firm obtains settlement of Dershowitz defamation case, including accuser's statement of potential mistaken identity

The Todd & Weld LLP team of Howard M. Cooper, Christian G. Kiely, and Kristine C. Oren recently obtained a noteworthy settlement of a defamation lawsuit brought against prominent attorney Alan Dershowitz by Virginia Giuffre.

As widely reported in the media, Ms. Giuffre claimed that she had been sexually trafficked to Mr. Dershowitz in her youth by Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide after being indicted in New York.

As part of the settlement, Ms. Giuffre agreed to drop her lawsuit and to issue a public statement acknowledging that she “may have made a mistake” in identifying Mr. Dershowitz as someone she was trafficked to by Epstein. Mr. Dershowitz has for years vehemently denied the accusation since it was made in 2014.

The settlement did not include the payment of money or anything else by any of the parties.

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