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Firm obtains acquittal of multiple sexual assault charges against dentist

Paul Cirel and Lorraine Belostock obtained not guilty verdicts on multiple sexual assault charges lodged against a dentist by two former employees.

The six-person Brockton District Court jury, following 10 hours of deliberations, unanimously determined the firm’s client did not commit any of the nine counts of indecent assault and battery and one count of assault and battery pursued by the prosecution.

The two former employees during the two-day trial testified that the alleged assaults occurred in the southeastern Massachusetts workplace over several years.  However, on cross-examination Mr. Cirel and Ms. Belostock were able undercut the former employees' credibility by demonstrating that one of them owed money to the defendant at the time she went to the police, and that both of them, despite the alleged assaults, continued to work in the dental office for years and also attended multiple work-related social events with the dentist and other employees.

Mr. Cirel, a partner at the firm, represents healthcare clients in a wide range of matters, including defending them against criminal charges. 

Ms. Belostock, a veteran criminal defense attorney, represents clients in federal and state courts during every stage of the criminal justice process, including trials, pre-trial motions, and plea bargaining.