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Business Litigation

Intellectual Property Litigation

We counsel and represent clients in patent, copyright, and trademark litigation. Our patent practice includes cases concerning inventorship issues, infringement and obviousness, equivalency, inequitable conduct, and willful infringement.  We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of cases, including patents covering the sequencing and manufacture of a recombinant protein, algorithms used in computer programs and business models, and design patents.  We have represented companies and individuals in cybersquatting cases and handled issues relating to court jurisdiction over companies using the Internet.

Our attorneys have defended and prosecuted lawsuits alleging trademark and trade dress infringement and Lanham Act claims.  On behalf of clients, we have also pursued actions to prevent trade name misuse and false advertising as well as claims involving the use of similar names.  Clients have turned to us for litigation to protect trade secrets in federal and state courts, as well as to defend against false accusations of misappropriating confidential information.

The firm’s copyright practice includes actions to prevent and seek redress for misuse of copyrighted works, including copying magazine articles and entire works.  We have also prosecuted and defended clients involved with copyrighted jewelry and T-shirt designs and “knock offs” of those protected designs.

Our representative cases include:

  • Skinder-Strauss Associates, publisher of the Massachusetts Lawyers Diary and Manual, in copyright infringement litigation involving the Red Book
  • Advanced Magnetics, Inc. in patent litigation involving superparamagnetic iron oxide particles and issues of inventorship
  • Rockland Trust Company in Lanham Act and trade name claims concerning misuse of the company’s name
  • Segrets, Inc. in copyright infringement litigation over sweater designs
  • Sapient Corporation in litigation over the protection of trade secrets

Ask Jeeves, Inc. in defense of patent litigation involving business modeling