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Joseph Cacace comments in article on recent revisions to state's appellate rules

Joseph M. Cacace was quoted in a Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly article concerning major revisions to the rules governing cases in Massachusetts appellate courts.

A significant change is the doing away of the 50-page limit for appellate briefs and mandated use of a font (12-point Courier) rarely seen outside of appellate briefs.  The new rules instead measure briefs by a word limit and also allow for proportionally spaced, alternative fonts (such as Times New Roman).

This will help parties to present more readable briefs, according to Mr. Cacace, a former law clerk to retired Supreme Judicial Court Justice Robert J. Cordy.

Mr. Cacace also observed that appellate cases will move forward more quickly as a result of the new rule requiring a trial court clerk to assemble the record of a case within 21 days of receiving the trial transcript.

Mr. Cacace's complex civil litigation practice includes successfully handling cases on appeal.  He is member of the Massachusetts Bar Association's Appellate Bench Bar Committee and the MBA's Amicus Brief Committee.