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Jeffrey Catalano quoted in Washington Post regarding doctors, hospitals admitting medical errors

Jeffrey N. Catalano was quoted in a Washington Post article concerning doctors and hospitals admitting when they make medical mistakes that harm patients.

Programs designed to circumvent medical malpractice litigation by offering prompt disclosure and an apology, as well as compensation for injuries, are increasingly popular, according to the article.

Mr. Catalano, who concentrates his practice on representing victims of medical malpractice, participates in a disclosure program in Massachusetts as a member of the Massachusetts Alliance for Communication and Resolution Following Medical Injury

He told the publication that patients should be represented early in the disclosure process: "I think if there's a good attorney present, there's no way a client is going to be shortchanged. Good attorneys know this: Medical malpractice cases are hard to take to trial. If a client can get $1 now rather than risking getting nothing (at trial) for the prospect of $1.50 later, it may be better to take the $1 now."

Mr. Catalano, a partner at the firm, is the current President of the Massachusetts Bar Association.