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Nov. 2018

Victoria Steinberg co-authors article on #MeToo impact on sexual harassment cases

Victoria L. Steinberg co-authored an article featured in the weekly newsletter of the Boston Bar Association on how the #MeToo movement is transforming the way employers are handling sexual harassment cases, especially when accusations are increasingly public on social media.

Ms. Steinberg observes that perhaps the biggest sea change in the wake of the #MeToo movement is that even before conducting an investigation, employers are now much more likely to initially accept an accuser's allegations at face value, and take steps to protect the accuser and place limitations on the employee accused of sexual harassment.  Previously, employers would typically investigate sexual harassment allegations and make findings or reach a conclusion before imposing limitations or disciplinary action on an accused employee.

The article describes how the changing legal environment is shifting potential risks and liabilities for employers and employees alike.

Ms. Steinberg and co-author Jill Reilly of public relations agency Denterlein also note that an effective public relations plan can be a helpful complement to an employer's litigation strategy, especially if a high-level executive is involved.

Ms. Steinberg is a partner at Todd & Weld, where she concentrates her practice on business litigation and representing employers and employees in a wide range of employment law matters, including workplace investigations and discrimination, harassment and retaliation issues.


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