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Apr. 2016

Tyler Chapman quoted in Fortune article on effort by Trump campaign to squelch college prank

Tyler E. Chapman was quoted in a Fortune article detailing efforts by a representative of Donald Trump to stop an elaborate prank by Harvard Lampoon staff members.

In the summer of 2015, the staffers pretended to be editors of the school's more serious publication, the Harvard Crimson, in persuading Trump that the Crimson was endorsing him for president.

Lampoon staffers met with Trump in July 2015 in his Trump Tower offices. A photo of the meeting shows the businessman and the Lampoon staffers all giving the thumbs up gesture. In the picture, he is seated in a large wooden armchair, known as the Crimson's president's chair, which the Lampoon staffers had taken from the Crimson's offices and transported to New York City as part of the ruse.

The Fortune article details the efforts by the Trump representative, once the prank was discovered, to coerce the students into destroying the photo and ending the prank.

In the Fortune article, Mr. Chapman, who represents the Lampoon, confirms that the Trump representative "was concerned about stopping the Lampoon's publication of its prank endorsement of Trump."