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July. 2006

Todd & Weld Wins Victory in Defamation Suit

As reported in The Boston Globe on July 21, Todd & Weld won a major victory on behalf of the Islamic Society of Boston as a Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the ISB in their bid to file defamation claims.

In a suit that is receiving wide media attention, the Islamic Society of Boston alleges that a malicious media campaign orchestrated by The Boston Herald, Fox25, and other community groups sought to undercut the ISB's plan to build a mosque in Roxbury.  The ruling deals a major blow to the non-media defendants, who argued that the suit should be dismissed under the Anti-SLAPP statute, a statute designed to protect private citizens who bring suits against developers.  Howard M. Cooper of Todd & Weld stated, "For many months since my clients simply sought to file a lawsuit and redress their rights in court, all we heard was that we were attempting to intimidate people and we would end up having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees.  The court has now rejected the defendants' arguments in their entirety and ruled that the ISB filed its lawsuit appropriately."