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Dec. 2015

Todd & Weld Launches Personal Injury Protection Software Tool

As a service to the legal community, Todd & Weld has launched a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) software tool in conjunction with the Suffolk Law Institute on Law Practice Technology & Innovation.

The PIP tool assists attorneys and others to determine if an auto accident client is eligible for PIP auto accident benefits under Massachusetts law, and, if so, which auto insurer will pay the PIP benefits if more than one carrier is involved.

"We are pleased to work together with Suffolk Law in offering this technology to the legal community," said partner Jeffrey N. Catalano. "We hope it will help streamline auto accident cases by allowing attorneys and others to quickly assess the PIP benefits aspect of auto accident cases."

Mr. Catalano represents victims of catastrophic injuries in medical negligence, product liability, auto accident, class action, and other personal injury cases. He is President-Elect of the Massachusetts Bar Association.

Gabriel Teninbaum, who directs the Suffolk Law Institute on Law Practice Technology & Innovation, said, “Todd & Weld recognizes that the smart use of technology can make lawyers better at their jobs and, as a result, they can do a better job for clients.”

Professor Teninbaum and Attorney Christine R. Thompson of Todd & Weld collaborated in creating the PIP software tool.