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June. 2016

Todd & Weld files lawsuit against Yale University on behalf of Jack Montague, former basketball player

The firm has filed a complaint on behalf of Jack Montague against Yale University based on its February 2016 decision to expel Mr. Montague following a sexual misconduct investigation involving an incident in October 2014 in which a female undergraduate alleged she had nonconsensual sex with Mr. Montague, which he denied.

Mr. Montague alleges in his complaint that the university wanted to make an example of him on the heels of a September 2015 survey released by the Association of American Universities showing that the rates of undergraduate sexual assaults at Yale were third highest among the 27 schools surveyed. His expulsion also followed a 2011 ruling by the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Education that Yale was deficient in a number of areas concerning sufficient responses to complaints of sexual harassment.

Mr. Montague was a senior captain of the men's basketball team, which in 2016 made the NCAA tournament for the first time in 54 years. Given his prominence on campus, Mr. Montague "was Yale's ticket to restoring its tarnished image," according to a statement accompanying the complaint.

In addition to the university, the complaint names two school officials who processed the female student's complaint.

Mr. Montague is seeking reinstatement as a student to complete his degree, expunging complaints against him, and awarding him monetary damages, including attorneys' fees and punitive damages.

Max D. Stern and Hillary A. Lehmann of the firm, along with co-counsel Alexandra H. Deal are representing Mr. Montague in this matter.