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June. 2020

Summer 2020 Family Law Newsletter: What is the impact of adultery on alimony award?

The recently published Summer 2020 Family Law Newsletter considers the impact of adultery on alimony awards.

The answer varies state-by-state, but a recent Virginia appeals court decision states that a judge must consider adultery as a factor in awarding alimony, even if a spouse doesn’t raise it as grounds for divorce or when contesting an alimony payment order.

The Summer 2020 newsletter, published by partner Gary Owen Todd, also covers other important issues, including whether “de facto” emancipation is recognized under the law, and the critical importance of precisely worded divorce agreements concerning the rights of ex-spouses to life insurance benefits.

Mr. Todd, a Founding Partner at the firm, is recognized locally and nationally as a preeminent family law attorney concentrating on domestic relations and probate litigation.  He has successfully negotiated, mediated, and tried numerous family law issues at the trial court and appellate levels.


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