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Feb. 2017

Seth Robbins defends police officer at disciplinary hearing

Seth J. Robbins defended a Framingham police officer at an eight-hour disciplinary hearing, as reported in the Metrowest Daily News.

Mr. Robbins' client faces termination from his position as a Lieutenant in the Framingham Police Department over a misconduct report he filed against a fellow police officer. The Town claims the report contains falsehoods.

Mr. Robbins cross-examined the Police Department's Deputy Chief over his internal affairs investigation of Mr. Robbins' client, according to the Metrowest Daily News article, including questions about why the Deputy Chief didn't investigate more thoroughly the allegations of misconduct contained in his client's report.

In a separate federal lawsuit, Mr. Robbins represents a Framingham police detective who claims town officials retaliated against him for reporting corruption allegations against fellow police officers.

A partner at the firm, Mr. Robbins specializes in handling complex civil and criminal litigation in state and federal courts.