Real Estate Related Litigation

Real Estate Related Litigation

Complex commercial litigation involving real estate and the development of real estate constitutes a significant part of our commercial practice. We have assisted clients in resolving litigation concerning the acquisition, disposition, valuation and division of real estate assets; breaches of agreements concerning real estate; commercial landlord-tenant disputes; partnership disputes; and disputes between property owners and contractors. We have also represented clients in disputes with or before governmental entities related to real estate such as in eminent domain proceedings, on zoning matters, in appealing special permits or variances, and representing developers seeking to build affordable housing under G.L. c. 40B. We have represented clients before municipal zoning boards, administrative agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Conservation Commissions, and the Housing Appeals Committee, as well as in the Land Court and in other state and federal courts on real estate disputes. We are also experienced in handling real estate matters that go through arbitration, mediation, or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our clients include the largest construction companies in the Commonwealth and the busiest real estate developers as well as individuals and small partnerships and businesses in a wide range of matters concerning their real estate interests. In addition, we serve as outside litigation counsel for the Massachusetts Housing Finance Authority which, as with many of our other clients, requires us to deal with bonding issues, work-out situations, contract challenges and major eviction problems.


Some of our representative cases

  • Representation of numerous landowners in eminent domain proceedings.
  • Representation of developers in appealing the denial of special permits, variances, or comprehensive permits.
  • Representation of developers in disputes relating to the financing and structuring of real estate deals.
  • Representation of condominium associations in connection with enforcement of easement rights.
  • Representation of individuals and other entities that own land jointly in partition proceedings.
  • Representation of commercial and residential landlords and tenants in eviction proceedings and related disputes concerning breaches of lease terms and related allegations such as waste and breach of fiduciary duty.


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