Parent/Child Rights

Parent/Child Rights

All of Todd & Weld's family law attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating, mediating or, if necessary, litigating the rights of parents, children and other family members, be they de facto parents, grandparents, guardians or others who are part of a traditional or non-traditional family unit. We are able to both advocate for and balance the competing interests that come into play in resolving custody disputes, establishing workable parenting plans and negotiating the intertwined rights and obligations involved with the well-being of children – foremost including the interests of the children themselves. Todd & Weld attorneys have been honored for their participation in the Norfolk County Attorneys Representing Children "ARC" Program in which we have been appointed to represent a number of children.

Todd & Weld attorneys have represented parties on all sides of parent/child related disputes, resolving most by agreement, advocating during litigation when necessary and representing parties on appeal. We have expertise in both seeking and opposing the relocation of children, assisting clients through the Guardian ad Litem process and advising on Parenting Coordinator issues. We are comfortable handling all aspects of non-traditional family relationships, from representing a transgender child in a contested custody battle to cutting edge appellate decisions.



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