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June. 2017

Mindy Thompson quoted in Boston Globe on hurdles prosecutors facing in Bella Bond murder trial

Melinda Thompson was quoted in The Boston Globe in a page one article addressing the hurdles prosecutors are facing in the murder trial involving Bella Bond, the toddler killed then dumped into the Boston Harbor.

The prosecution's case rests in large part on the testimony of the child's mother, Rachelle Bond, that her former boyfriend killed her daughter.  But absent physical evidence to corroborate her testimony, prosecutors may not have enough for a conviction, according to the article.

Rachelle Bond's credibility has been aggressively attacked during the trial by defense attorneys for the accused killer, and she helped to dispose of the girl's body.

"Juries have a hard time convicting on someone's word, especially someone who is involved in some way," Ms. Thompson told the publication.  "Of course, a young child died, which is just awful, and there's no doubt that someone killed her, so you would also think the jury would want someone to answer for that."

Ms. Thompson, a former prosecutor, is a partner at the firm and concentrates her practice on criminal defense and government investigations.