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June. 2016

Melinda Thompson quoted in article on SJC ruling in 'shaken baby' case

Melinda Thompson was quoted in a Boston Globe article concerning a Supreme Judicial Court decision ordering a new trial for a man convicted of severely injuring his infant daughter.

The SJC determined the man's trial attorney should have consulted with medical experts to counter prosecution witnesses who testified the child was a victim of shaken baby syndrome.

Ms. Thompson – who successfully challenged shaken baby murder charges against her client Aisling McCarthy Brady – told the publication the court's ruling acknowledges that the medical community is currently engaged in a legitimate debate over the validity of shaken baby syndrome as the cause of injuries.

"There's no other case in criminal law that I can think of where one [prosecution] expert says what happened, where it happened, and how it happened and ties it up in a bow, so to speak," she said in the June 3, 2016 article. "Before, that wasn't challenged."

Ms. Thompson concentrates her practice in the areas of government investigations and criminal defense.