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Mar. 2016

Max Stern Announces Intent to Sue on Behalf of Jack Montague

Max D. Stern, in a statement released March 14, 2016, indicated that his client Jack Montague will sue Yale University to vindicate his legal rights related to the school's decision to expel him in February 2016.

The school dismissed Mr. Montague, captain of the men's basketball team, for alleged sexual misconduct with a female student.

In the statement, Mr. Stern said, "We strongly believe that the decision to expel Jack Montague was wrong, unfairly determined, arbitrary, and excessive by any rational measure. Yale has been oblivious to the catastrophic and irreparable damage resulting from these allegations and determinations. The expulsion not only deprives Jack of the degree which he was only three months short of earning, but has simultaneously destroyed both his educational and basketball careers."

Mr. Montague was expelled following a report of the Association of American Universities that criticized the incidence of sexual assault on the Yale campus.

"Jack has been pilloried as a 'whipping boy' for a campus problem that has galvanized national attention," Mr. Stern indicated in his statement.

Mr. Stern, a partner at Todd & Weld LLP, has more than 40 years' experience litigating groundbreaking criminal matters and complex civil cases. He regularly represents college students and others facing disciplinary proceedings at academic institutions throughout New England.

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