Todd & Weld LLP has developed a nationwide practice helping families whose children have been diagnosed with kernicterus.  Kernicterus is a preventable condition caused by excessive jaundice in newborns.  While many newborns have jaundice and recover with correct treatment, others develop severe and permanent problems because healthcare providers failed to appreciate the severity and risks of the condition and failed to provide proper treatment.  As a result, these children develop cerebral palsy, auditory processing problems, vision problems and other serious conditions.


Assisting Families in Difficult Times

Our attorneys understand that families whose children are diagnosed with kernicterus are distraught and overwhelmed with the challenges this condition presents for them and their child.  Following this diagnosis, it is often difficult for families to process how legal advocacy can obtain financial support for their child's future healthcare and daily living needs.  The attorneys at Todd & Weld are devoted to assisting families through these difficult times and to making their lives better by helping them understand and obtain the support they will need in the future.

An Experienced Record of Accomplishments

We have a record of accomplishment in handling kernicterus cases, including winning one of Massachusetts' largest kernicterus medical malpractice jury awards.  Over the years, our devoted and determined advocacy has resulted in multimillion-dollar settlements in state and federal cases across the country for clients whose lives were forever changed by this preventable condition.  Because of our extensive experience in these matters, we have developed specialized knowledge of the complex legal issues that are always a part of these cases.

We know that cases of this nature must be handled with sensitivity and care.  We invest deeply in our clients, spending the time required to keep them informed as their case moves through the legal process and to educate them about the long-term care needs of their children.  This focus has served our clients well during our firm's 20+ year history.