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Apr. 2017

Just Transparency: E. coli outbreak in Boston just the latest frightening case of food-borne illness

In their latest Just Transparency blog post, Jeffrey Catalano and Eric Asquith address the E. coli outbreak involving popular Boston eatery Chicken and Rice Guys.

This latest incident "is yet another frightening example of a food-borne illness needlessly harming individuals and raising questions about the legal rights of individuals who suffer from food poisoning," Mr. Catalano and Mr. Asquith write.

They explain that Massachusetts law imposes "strict liability" on restaurants or food suppliers for tainted food that causes individuals to suffer food poisoning.  This means a restaurant or supplier of contaminated food is legally responsible to those affected by the food, including paying compensation for the resulting injuries, "regardless of whether the restaurant or supplier knew it was tainted, and regardless of the measures they took to ensure food safety."

"In other words, restaurants and food suppliers owe a duty to their customers to sell food that is fit and safe for human consumption," Mr. Catalano and Mr. Asquith write.

Mr. Catalano, a partner at the firm, represents victims of catastrophic injuries, including those resulting from medical negligence.  He is the current President of the Massachusetts Bar Association.  Mr. Asquith concentrates his practice on representing clients in a variety of personal injury matters, including medical malpractice cases.