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Dec. 2011

Julie E. Green of Todd & Weld LLP Succeeds in Pro Bono Suit to Provide Dental Care for Inmate Client

As reported in the December 26, 2011 issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Julie E. Green of Todd & Weld LLP received a favorable ruling in a case which the firm took on a pro bono basis on behalf of John Sullivan, an inmate at MCI-Norfolk. The suit alleged that prisoners should receive the same standard of dental care due non-prisoners, including cleanings and scalings.

After a 6-day trial, Judge Patrick F. Brady agreed and ruled that the Department of Corrections and its medical contractor had failed to provide Mr. Sullivan with the community standard of care, ruling that the evidence reflected that Mr. Sullivan received only one cleaning and scaling during 12 years of incarceration, and when later examined, was found to have untreated periodontal disease and cavities.

Ms. Green noted that, “What's so important about this decision is that the judge actually held that an individual plaintiff can enforce the DOC's internal policies guaranteeing the community standard of care.”


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