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Feb. 2021

Joseph Cacace quoted in Boston Globe on potential payments to immigrant families separated at border

Joseph Cacace is quoted in a Boston Globe opinion column addressing potential payments to immigrant families separated at the border.

Mr. Cacace and Howard M. Cooper of the firm are counsel in class actions seeking monetary damages for the long-term trauma and harm inflicted on families who were separated, as well as a fund for mental health care and services and ongoing monitoring of the children’s well-being.

Referring to the apparent lack of historical precedent for awarding large-scale compensation to foreign citizens affected by domestic immigration practices, Mr. Cacace explained that this is precisely the kind of case that should break new ground because the conduct was “more barbaric and egregious than a lot of things we’ve seen” in the United States.

A recent Biden Administration Executive Order established a task force on reuniting immigrant families and directed the task force to make recommendations regarding the provision of additional services and support to the children and their families, including trauma and mental health services.

In light of that Executive Order, Mr. Cacace sent a settlement demand to the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and the United States Attorney’s Office in Boston requesting immediate settlement discussions to resolve the pending lawsuits.