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Apr. 2019

Joe Cacace quoted in WGBH article on client's effort to clear his name in overtime scandal

Joseph M. Cacace was quoted in an article published by WGBH concerning the effort of his client to clear his name related to an overtime scandal at the Boston Public Library.

Mr. Cacace's client, a former superintendent of buildings for the library, asserts that he was forced to resign following revelations that certain library custodians had billed the City of Boston for overtime they did not work.

The client, Jim Meade, maintains that he was forced to resign even though he assisted the library investigate the abuse of overtime by custodians, and even though he had no prior knowledge of the scam and was not responsible for custodial timesheets.

Mr. Cacace said his client "was part of the solution, not the problem. Nevertheless, the City forced Mr. Meade to resign by threatening to terminate him by the end of the day on October 1, 2018 if he did not resign.  On top of everything, the City refused even to provide Mr. Meade with a name-clearing process."

Mr. Cacace said the Boston Public Library provided no explanation for why it singled out his client.

"Mr. Meade had nothing to do with any alleged wrongdoing," Mr. Cacace said.  "Mr. Meade actually discovered and reported the custodians’ overtime abuses to superiors.  Mr. Meade did not participate in it.  He did not approve it.  In fact, Mr. Meade had no supervisory responsibility for managing the custodians who were allegedly abusing their overtime privileges."