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Feb. 2017

Joe Cacace participates in event featuring former SJC Justice Robert Cordy

Joseph M. Cacace will help facilitate a discussion led by former SJC Justice Robert Cordy on the historic transformation of the court and his reflections on his tenure on the bench.

Mr. Cacace and other former law clerks of Justice Cordy will help guide the presentation scheduled for Feb. 7, 2017, at the Omni Parker House in Boston hosted by the Pioneer Institute.

In 2016, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker nominated three new justices to the SJC to fill vacancies created by retirements. Two more vacancies are expected in 2017, providing Gov. Baker an unprecedented opportunity to remake the court.

Recently retired Justice Cordy is also expected to offer insights on how the SJC made decisions during his 15-year tenure and legal highlights of the court during that time.