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Our Results - 2012

Oct. 2012

Jeffrey N. Catalano Obtains $1 Million Settlement for Death Due to Post-surgical Complications

Jeffrey N. Catalano, a partner with Todd & Weld LLP who specializes in medical malpractice cases, obtained a $1 Million settlement in connection with the death of a 49-year-old woman due to a perforated bowel, a complication resulting from an ovarian-cyst oophorectomy performed six days earlier.

The evening of the oophorectomy, the patient returned to the hospital by ambulance, displaying signs and symptoms of bowel perforation. Mr. Catalano retained an expert general surgeon who concluded that the defendants failed to appreciate the numerous signs and symptoms of a bowel perforation and failed to arrange for her to be taken immediately back to the operating room so that her bowel could be evaluated and surgically repaired.

The $1 Million settlement occurred immediately after filing suit.


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