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May. 2015

Maria Davis Obtains $342,000 Jury Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

Maria T. Davis obtained a jury verdict of $342,000 in a medical malpractice case.  The verdict will benefit their client who suffered severe and ongoing injuries following her physician's misdiagnosis and improper removal of a uterine fibroid.

Todd & Weld's client received gynecological care from the defendant physician.  During a routine exam, the physician advised the client that she had a cervical polyp, and that the physician could remove the client's cervical polyp in a short office procedure.  The physician did not obtain any ultrasound of the mass, and proceeded to remove it several weeks later.  Following removal, it was determined that the mass was in fact a uterine fibroid, and not a cervical polyp.  The client experienced significant hemorrhaging, ultimately leading to a hysterectomy, mesh implantation, and significant injuries.

At trial, the physician argued that the misdiagnosis and resulting injury was merely an unfortunate medical result.  Following a two-week trial, however, the jury determined that the physician had been negligent in diagnosing and removing the fibroid, and that her negligence had caused her patient's injuries.