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Nov. 2015

Jeffrey Catalano quoted in news article on federal court multi-district litigation

Jeffrey N. Catalano was quoted in a news article on federal court multi-district litigation published in the Nov. 15, 2015 issue of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

The article discusses the numerous multi-district litigation (MDL) matters pending in the federal court in Massachusetts, including an alleged Ponzi scheme involving TelexFree, a Massachusetts-based company.

The article also refers to the largest MDL case in Massachusetts, which consolidates about 4,300 claims alleging injury and death linked to dialysis products from Fresenius Medical Care.

MDL cases can last for years, and lawyers for alleged victims work on contingency, only getting paid when a case resolves, according to the article.

"It's like high-stakes poker,” said Mr. Catalano, who is involved in the Fresenius MDL case.

“You’re in for a lot of money. There’s a high risk associated with it," he told the publication. "But it’s exciting. You are collaborating with lawyers across the country, all of whom in my experience are pretty dedicated and committed to the cause. You’re up against powerful attorneys on the other side who also are extremely skilled and knowledgeable.”

Mr. Catalano is president-elect of the Massachusetts Bar Association and a partner at the firm, where he concentrates his practice on personal injury and medical malpractice matters.