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Mar. 2019

Jeffrey Catalano offers insights on choosing a fair and representative jury

To seat fairer and more representative juries, Jeffrey N. Catalano indicates in an article published in the MATA Journal that plaintiffs' attorneys should object more frequently to opposing parties' improper use of peremptory challenges.

"Massachusetts judges are leaning toward being more open and receptive to objections to peremptory challenges," he writes. "In fact, I was recently invited by a Superior Court judge to make the challenge in a construction accident case involving my Spanish-speaking client because defense counsel kept striking Hispanic jurors."

Mr. Catalano offers tips on legal arguments to support objections to peremptory challenges.

Mr. Catalano, a partner in the firm, represents victims of catastrophic injuries in medical negligence, construction accident, auto accident, food poisoning, product liability, and other personal injury cases. He has obtained numerous favorable jury verdicts on behalf of his clients.


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