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Oct. 2019

Todd & Weld obtains $300K construction site accident settlement

The firm obtained a $300,000 settlement on behalf of an electrician who suffered a partially severed finger and multiple hand fractures on a construction site.

The defendant general contractor hired a subcontractor to do electrical work at a Brockton, Mass. construction site, which required access to a building on the site. The electrician, an employee of the subcontractor, alleged that he was instructed by the general contractor to enter the building to retrieve an extension cord.

However, instead of providing a key to the building, the general contractor arranged for the electrician to lift a heavy metal grate and descend a ladder approximately 12 feet into a pit that led to the basement of the building.

The electrician lifted the grate, saw that the ladder was already set up, and began his descent.  Unfortunately, the ladder slid into the concrete pit, and the metal grate closed on the plaintiff's hand, severing the top of his middle finger. Despite the partial amputation, he returned to work full-time as an electrician.

The electrician in his lawsuit alleged that the general contractor negligently failed to maintain a reasonably safe worksite.  The general contractor contested liability, claiming the plaintiff entered the pit without authorization to retrieve his tools that he had left in the building.

The firm settled the case for $300,000 following mediation and a lawsuit against the insurer for M.G.L. c. 93A/176D violations in failing to settle shortly after unsuccessful mediation.


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