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June. 2017

Jeff Catalano interviewed by WBZ News on potential liability of ride sharing services related to vehicle safety recalls

Jeffrey N. Catalano was interviewed by WBZ News as part of a report on vehicle safety recalls and ride hailing services, such as Uber and Lyft.

The report found that many ride hailing drivers are unaware of safety recalls on their vehicles related to mechanical problems identified by auto manufacturers as potential safety issues.

Ride hailing services assert that addressing safety recalls are the responsibility of drivers since they are independent contractors.

Mr. Catalano states in the interview that even if Uber or Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors, the ride hailing companies may be nonetheless potentially responsible for any injuries to passengers tied to safety recalls since the companies advertise their commitment to safety on their websites.

"They have an obligation, not just an ethical obligation but perhaps a legal obligation, based on their representations on their website to insure that nobody is driving around in a car that could possibly kill them,”  he said.

Mr. Catalano, President of the Massachusetts Bar Association, concentrates his practice on representing victims of catastrophic injuries in personal injury cases.