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Our Results - 2013

Apr. 2013

Jeffrey Catalano & Christine Thompson of Todd & Weld Obtain $1.7M Settlement in Brain Damage Suit

Jeffrey N. Catalano, a partner with Todd & Weld LLP, and Christine R. Thompson, an associate with the firm, obtained a settlement of $1.7M at mediation on behalf of the estate of a hospital patient who died from severe brain damage which resulted after the patient attempted suicide with a robe.

The patient was a 45-year old woman who suffered from mental illness and drug addiction. The patient went to the hospital seeking treatment for worsening suicidal ideation and increased depression. Although the patient was deemed "high risk" for suicide, the hospital staff gave her a bathrobe with a tie which she used to try to hang herself. She survived but suffered severe anoxic brain injury and eventually died two years later from anoxic encephalopathy.

Plaintiff's counsel produced an expert affidavit confirming staff negligence. They also discovered altered medical records. The case settled at mediation shortly after the complaint was filed.

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