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Our Results - 2016

Dec. 2016

Jeff Catalano, Eric Asquith obtain $525K settlement for injured construction worker

Jeffrey N. Catalano and Eric Asquith obtained a $525,000 settlement for a construction worker who was injured after falling approximately 40 feet from scaffolding.

As a result of the fall, the construction worker fractured a fibula, tore multiple knee ligaments, and exacerbated a preexisting knee injury. He began walking without assistance following surgery and physical therapy, but suffers a slight limp.

The worker was not wearing a safety harness belt at the time of the fall. He alleged that the general contractor failed to provide a sufficient amount of safety harnesses on the date of the accident, and that in order to work that day he had no choice but to ascend the scaffolding.

The general contractor and co-defendant scaffolding company contested liability, asserting that sufficient safety harnesses were available and that the worker was negligent in choosing not to wear one.

The parties contested whether the general contractor and scaffolding company installed adequate safety features on the scaffolding, such as a toe board and end guard rail designed to prevent falls.

Mr. Catalano and Mr. Asquith concentrate their practices on representing victims of catastrophic injuries in medical negligence, food poisoning, product liability, auto accident, and other personal injury cases.


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