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Dec. 2012

Globe Magazine Focuses on Role of David Meier in Responding to Drug Lab Crisis

On December 9, 2012, the Boston Globe published a cover story in the Globe Magazine entitled: "1 Chemist Under Fire/34,000 Criminal Cases Potentially Compromised/Defense Costs Alone That Could Reach $332 Million/Can David Meier Fix One of the State's Biggest Law Enforcement Scandals?" The article concludes that "there does seem to be wide agreement on one thing: David Meier is just the guy to do it."

In September 2012, Governor Deval Patrick appointed Mr. Meier, a partner with Todd & Weld LLP, to lead the investigation into "the alleged widespread misconduct of a chemist at a state drug lab and the serious oversight lapses that allowed it to happen." Since his appointment, Mr. Meier has overseen a team that has identified some 10,000 of the 34,000 people who were possibly affected by the chemist's work. The Globe article states: "With an abiding. . . commitment to the integrity of the criminal justice system, Meier, a veteran prosecutor now in private practice, was the natural choice when Governor Deval Patrick needed a skilled hand to repair one of the biggest law enforcement scandals in Massachusetts . . . ."

In response to comments that he has accepted "an absolutely thankless task," Mr. Meier responded, "In any organization or in any system, there are defining moments. There are defining times. And I think this is one of them for the criminal justice system. There's no road map. There's no blueprint. But there are principles and there are priorities. And is it a challenge? Sure it is. But there's a right way of going about everything. And this is no different."