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Nov. 2010

Former Lowell City Councilor Cleared of Potential Corruption Charges

As reported in The Lowell Sun and elsewhere, Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone announced that his office has closed the criminal investigation into alleged public corruption involving former Lowell City Councilor Alan Kazanjian.  District Attorney Leone stated that “it is the opinion and finding of this Office that the comprehensive criminal investigation has not resulted in the accumulation of sufficient evidence to obtain and sustain a criminal conviction beyond a reasonable doubt of any person or entity in these matters.”


Todd & Weld LLP partner, David Meier, who represented Mr. Kazanjian throughout the year-long investigation, issued the following statement:  “After over a year of intense public scrutiny, Alan, his wife, and his children are extremely relieved the truth has won out -- it always does.  Alan and his family are grateful to the District Attorney for his careful and thorough review of the allegations.  They now hope to be able to move on with their lives.  Alan is a proud and honorable man.  He hopes one day to get his reputation in the Lowell community restored.”

Note: The Lowell Sun article was entitled:  "Kazanjian Cleared in City probe"