Community Outreach & Pro Bono

Community Outreach & Pro Bono - 2020

Sep. 2020

Firm sponsors Walk in Solidarity for Social Change event organized by affinity bar associations

Todd & Weld is a sponsor of the Walk in Solidarity for Social Change event organized and supported by a variety of bar associations.

Lisa Conserve, an attorney at the firm, is among the organizers of the event slated for 1-2 p.m. on Sept. 16.   Ms. Conserve is co-chair of the Community Service Committee of the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association.

The affinity bar groups are seeking to mobilize attorneys to “pledge” a minimum of 10 pro bono hours of service to be performed by February 2021 to promote social justice and help those in need of legal services.

In-person attendees will convene in front of the John Adams Courthouse in Boston and end the Walk at the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse.  The Walk will be livestreamed on the MBLA Facebook page to allow those who can’t attend in person to join virtually and walk in their neighborhoods as a way to participate.  Attendees will hear from speakers committed to social change and racial equality. 

Participating affinity bar associations are:

  • Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association

  • Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys

  • Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys

  • Asian American Lawyers Association of Massachusetts

  • South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston

  • Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association

  • Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts