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Aug. 2018

Firm files race, gender bias suit against Boston Water and Sewer Commission

Nick Carter and Thomas Thorpe of Todd & Weld LLP have filed a complaint on behalf of two employees against the Boston Water and Sewer Commission alleging race and gender bias, as reported in The Boston Globe.

The two employees – one a white woman the other a black male – were regularly mistreated and subjected to racist and sexist remarks, according to the complaint, which claims the commission fostered an "open atmosphere of misogyny and racism where women and people of color are routinely discriminated against."

Mr. Carter, a partner at Todd & Weld, told the Globe: "The environment at Boston Water is straight out of the 1950s. It's shocking that it continues in our midst today."

The two employees have suffered more than $1 million in damages, according to the lawsuit, and both are out of work on disability as a consequence of the workplace hostility, the male employee for post-traumatic stress disorder and the female employee for adjustment disorder and anxiety.

Mr. Carter has over two decades of trial experience in a wide variety of matters, including employment discrimination matters.  Mr. Thorpe, an associate at the firm, is an experienced civil litigation trial attorney.


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