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Oct. 2016

Eric Asquith obtains $650,000 personal injury settlement involving 'minor' car accident

Eric Asquith obtained a $650,000 settlement of a personal injury case involving a minor impact auto collision.

The firm's client was at stop when she was rear-ended at low-impact speed while vacationing on Martha's Vineyard in June 2011. The collision caused minor property damage.

The client as a result of the accident suffered permanent injuries to her lower spine, including a herniated disc with nerve root impingement. She suffers from ongoing, constant pain despite undergoing surgery, epidural injections, and physical therapy treatments.

She incurred medical bills of approximately $160,000 as a result from the accident, as well as a loss of earning capacity due to her inability to work

The defendant operator of the motor vehicle admitted to rear-ending the client, but argued it was because of a defect in her vehicle. The defendant  also contested the extent of injuries caused by the accident.

Mr. Asquith represents individuals and families in personal injury matters, including cases involving medical negligence, automotive accidents, construction accidents, and food poisoning. He is co-chair of the Boston Bar Association's Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice Committee.



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