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Sep. 2015

Eric Asquith Interviewed in Fox 25 News Report on Dangerous Off-Campus Student Housing in Boston

Eric Asquith was interviewed in a Fox 25 news story broadcast September 1, 2015, concerning dangerous housing conditions for college students in Boston.

Mr. Asquith told the station that off-campus housing for students is "a huge public safety concern. Students don't know what they're getting themselves into."

He said landlords and realtors are turning a blind eye to student safety.

"The more students that the landlords can cram into these housing units, the more money they make," he said.

The report also included remarks by recent college graduate Anna Braet, who suffered serious injuries in January 2012 while fleeing from a fire in a home rented illegally by seven college students. Ms. Braet, who was a guest, jumped from the second floor and broke her back and injured her ankle, in addition to sustaining burn and smoke inhalation injuries.

Mr. Asquith and Jeffrey N. Catalano obtained a $260,000 personal injury settlement on behalf of Ms. Braet.