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Oct. 2013

Elaine M. Epstein of Todd & Weld LLP Honored as One of Top Women of Law 2013 by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Elaine M. Epstein, a partner with Todd & Weld LLP, was honored on October 31, 2013 by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly as one of its "Top Women of Law" for 2013. Ms. Epstein concentrates her practice in Divorce, Family Law and Probate Litigation.

In commenting on her achievements, Lawyers Weekly noted that Ms. Epstein was the first president of the Massachusetts Women's Bar Association, working with other attorneys to increase women's professional opportunities, including leadership positions, and advocating for equal treatment of women. Ms. Epstein later became the second woman president of the MBA, and, in 1999, the WBA honored her with the Lelia J. Robinson Award in recognition of her outstanding accomplishments and contributions to women in the legal profession.

In talking about her work with families, Ms. Epstein says, "I enjoy leading people through an enormously stressful and difficult time in their lives and working with them on the goals and results they want." In looking at her career, she said, "Where I hope I've contributed most is working with people in creating a sense of community and 'we can do it' and getting people organized to get things done. I really enjoy pulling people together to see if we can all work together to get the same result."