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Our Results - 2015

Mar. 2015

David H. Rich and Carole Cooke of Todd & Weld LLP Obtain $2.9 Million Libel Verdict in Favor of Client

On March 19, 2015, David H. Rich and Carole Cooke, attorneys at Todd & Weld LLP, obtained a $2.9 Million libel verdict in favor of their client, Philip Eliopoulos, against Roland Van Liew after a three-week trial in Middlesex Superior Court.  The jury found that Mr. Van Liew and his corporation published numerous false and libelous statements about Mr. Eliopoulos.  With interest, the total judgment will amount to approximately $4.4 Million.  The jury also rejected Mr. Van Liew's defamation claim against Mr. Eliopoulos.

David Rich stated, "The jury's verdict today reminds all of us that while the First Amendment provides the right for individuals to voice their opinions and criticize public officials, the First Amendment does not protect against defamatory falsehoods made with a reckless disregard for the truth.  I hope that the jury's verdict today sounds the message loud and clear to the world that those statements which were published about Mr. Eliopoulos are no more true today than when they were made."

See Press Release attached for further detail.
See Boston Business Journal article attached.