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June. 2020

Chris Weld quoted in Law360 article on COVID-19 impact on Boston legal industry

Christopher Weld Jr. provided commentary in a Law360 article analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on the Boston legal industry.

While numerous commentators characterized the current landscape as challenging and difficult, Mr. Weld noted that certain practice areas will be busy because of the pandemic, including litigation.

"I can think of all sorts of ways the impact of COVID is going to be spawning litigation," Mr. Weld told the publication. "You're going to have people who have stopped paying their rent, either residential or commercial. You're going to have a lot of contract issues where you're running into arguments that say, 'I breached but it's excused because I couldn't perform for one reason or another because of the pandemic.'"

Mr. Weld, managing partner of the firm, has over 30 years of experience in commercial litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution in cases generally involving business disputes with vigorously contested issues of substantial value.