Construction Accident Litigation

Construction Accident Litigation

Todd & Weld attorneys assist individuals who have suffered serious injuries on construction sites.  Construction site accidents – one of the most frequent causes of work-related injuries in the United States – occur in many different ways, such as faulty scaffolding, collapsed cranes, falls through an unprotected opening, electrocutions, falling objects, and collapsed excavations.  Injuries from construction accidents can be devastating physically, emotionally and financially.

The experienced attorneys at Todd & Weld LLP stand ready to assist individuals in recovering the full monetary compensation allowed under the law for serious construction site injuries.  For example, we obtained a $3.8 million settlement on behalf of a 21-year-old construction worker who fell four stories and broke his back, and also suffered a cerebral stroke rendering him a paraplegic.  Our lawyers in a separate case secured a $525,000 settlement for a construction worker who fell and required knee surgery. 

We are known for our unsurpassed preparation and relentless dedication to our clients, and we bring this level of expertise to every case when representing clients whose injuries result from construction site accidents.  If you or a loved one as has suffered a construction site injury, contact us to discuss your legal rights.

Who can be liable?

Determining who is at fault for a construction site injury requires an aggressive, intelligent investigation of the accident, a skilled assessment of the physical evidence, and a thorough questioning of witnesses.  The experienced construction site accident attorneys at Todd & Weld understand what is required to build a strong legal case of liability and damages.  Those potentially responsible for a construction site injury include the general contractor, subcontractors, or the property owner.  Sometimes an injury is caused by a defective tool or job-site equipment, in which case the manufacturer, distributor and retailer of the defective product could be liable.  Our attorneys are experienced in handling sophisticated product liability litigation.

What damages are allowed under law?

Construction sites are particularly dangerous with a constant risk of catastrophic injuries, such as fractures, loss of limb, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, blindness, severe burns, even death.  Debilitating injuries can require a lengthy recovery time, as well as lead to mounting medical bills, and extensive loss of wages.  An individual's pain and suffering from a traumatic personal injury can be considerable.  Workers compensation usually covers only a portion of medical bills and lost wages.  Compensation for personal injuries can be sought from entities or individuals other than an employer who have caused a construction site injury.

Our law firm provides you with the resources of a large firm, including cutting-edge courtroom presentation tools that allow us to tell your story effectively and with compassion. We also offer the personalized service provided by small firms. Our lawyers are sensitive to your concerns and spend the time needed to answer your questions and keep you informed as the case moves forward.