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Apr. 2021

Alycia Kennedy quoted in news article on school bus company litigation

Alycia Kennedy is quoted in a Lynn Item article concerning a lawsuit filed by the firm on behalf of a school bus transportation company against the City of Lynn for breach of contract in failing to pay the company for its services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The school bus company, NRT, is seeking payment for services it provided under the contract after schools in Lynn closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic, including fixed costs such as vehicle equipment, maintenance, excise tax and insurance, and rent and utilities.

Lynn stopped payment when schools went remote.

NRT provides transportation services to hundreds of school districts and was able to reach agreements with most of them for payments during the pandemic.

However, “there really is a small handful of them that haven’t been able to come to agreements to fix the problem [including Lynn],” Ms. Kennedy told the publication.

“[The City of Lynn] stopped paying entirely on these contracts back when schools went remote in March of last year,” Ms. Kennedy said.  “But NRT has continued to provide other services that are called for under the contracts and they’re looking for payment for those.”

NRT’s contract with the City of Lynn is ongoing, she said, and still plans to transport students when the city’s new transportation plan commences in May.

Howard Cooper, Max Stern, and Ms. Kennedy are representing NRT in the litigation.


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