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Oct. 2020

Alycia Kennedy quoted in news article on school bus company lawsuit

Alycia Kennedy was quoted in a Lowell Sun article on a lawsuit filed by a school bus transportation company against the City of Lowell for unpaid fees for the 2019-2020 school year following the closure of the city’s schools due to COVID-19.

The school bus company, represented by Todd & Weld, is suing the city for breach of contract for the unpaid fees.  The central dispute concerns payment for the continued provision of various services during the shutdown as required under the parties’ contract – even when students were not being transported to school.

Regardless of how many days school buses are actually on the road, the company must continue to maintain a full work force of properly vetted drivers, maintain equipment and insurance, pay vehicle registration fees, pay local excise taxes, and continue to incur all other required expenses necessary to be in compliance with their contracts and remain ready to transport children.

“[Our client] did everything that it was required to do under the contract and now the city is refusing to hold up its end of the bargain,” Ms. Kennedy told the publication. “I think the city’s position is because no transportation occurred no money is owed, but that is an incorrect reading of the contract.”