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May. 2018

Allegations of sexual harassment, gender discrimination in Boston Fire Department garner media attention

Allegations of gender discrimination and sexual harassment against female firefighters in the Boston Fire Department have garnered significant attention in the media.

The Boston Globe in a lengthy May 13 news article detailed the complaints of female firefighters in Boston of a longstanding pattern of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

Megan C. Deluhery, a partner at Todd & Weld LLP, represents one of the female firefighters who is alleging sexual harassment on the job and who was placed on administrative leave after making an internal complaint. 

"I don't think an employer should treat anybody who brings a complaint of sexual harassment in the workplace in this way," Ms. Deluhery told the publication. 

After the firm’s client was allowed to return to work, she was sexually assaulted in the fire house by another firefighter. 
The client reported the assault to the police, which led to criminal charges being filed against the male firefighter.

Ms. Deluhery told the Globe that she is "hopeful [the Fire Department] will engage in real self-evaluation and make changes."

The WGBH Greater Boston news program on May 17 interviewed Ms. Deluhery and two female Boston firefighters concerning the allegations of gender discrimination, hostile work environment, and sexual misconduct in the department.


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