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Nov. 2014

5 Todd & Weld Cases Cited in Selection of Noteworthy Cases from New England Law Foundation & Boston Bar Association's Celebration of Mass. Superior Court Business Litigation Session's 15th Anniversary

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014, New England Law Foundation and the Boston Bar Association celebrated the Massachusetts Superior Court Business Litigation Session's 15th Anniversary with introductory remarks by EMC's CEO, Joe Tucci, and a Panel discussion moderated by EMC's General Counsel, Paul Dacey, and comprised of Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph D. Gants, BLS Judge Janet L. Sanders, Incoming Chief Justice of the Trial Courts Judith Fabricant, Former BLS Judge Margaret Hinkle (Ret.), and Former BLS Judge Allan van Gestel (Ret.).  Several other Massachusetts Superior Court Jurists were also in attendance, including Chief Justice of the Trial Court, Hon. Barbara J. Rouse, Former BLS Judge Stephen E. Neel, BLS Judge Thomas P. Billings, BLS Judge Christine M. Roach, BLS Judge Mitchell H. Kaplan, and Hon. Edward P. Leibensperger.  Over its 15-year history, the Business Litigation Session has published over 4,500 cases.  Five Todd & Weld cases were selected for inclusion in the publication highlighting the Business Litigation Session's Accomplishments and Future Promise, A Selection of Noteworthy Cases:

  • W.B. Mason Co., Inc. v. Staples, Inc., C.A. No. 00-5042-BLS (January 18, 2001)(van Gestel, J.) (The first non-compete case tried in the Business Litigation Session.  Todd & Weld Founding Partner, J. Owen Todd, Todd & Weld Partner Christopher R. O'Hara, and two former associates successfully represented Staples and obtained preliminary and permanent injunctive relief against W. B. Mason after a 1 1/2 month discovery period and trial where Staples' motion for preliminary injunction was merged with the trial on the merits.)

  • Brown, Rudnick, Freed & Gesmer v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, C.A. No. 01-5883-BLS (June 16, 2003)(van Gestel, J.)(Seven-week trial involving a claim for the largest contingent fee in Massachusetts history--$2 billion--in connection with settlement of claims against major tobacco companies.  Todd & Weld Founding Partner Chris Weld represented one of the law firms involved.)

  • Arthur S. Demoulas v. Demoulas Supermarkets, Inc., C.A. No. 03-3741-BLS (August 2, 2004)(van Gestel, J.)(Corporate governance action in one of the many battles between the two "Arthurs" in the Demoulas family in which one of the independent directors was successfully defended by J. Owen Todd and Christopher R. O'Hara in Findings and Rulings After Evidentiary Hearing.)

  • FMR LLC v. Swanson, C.A. No. SUCV 2011-01629-BLS (May 2011)(Roach, J.)(Preliminary injunction obtained protecting confidential information and non-solicitation covenant on behalf of FMR/Fidelity within two weeks of filing by the team of former Todd & Weld Founding Partner, Lisa Arrowood, Todd & Weld Partner, Christopher R. O'Hara, and a former associate, Jed DeWick.)

  • Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Co., LLC v. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Keolis Commuter Service, LLC, SUCV2014-00754-BLS (April 10, 2014)(Kaplan, J.)(Bid protest case involving a dispute over MBTA contract for commuter rail service in which Todd & Weld Founding Partner, Chris Weld, and Todd & Weld attorneys, David Travers and Suzanne Elovecky, represented the successful lower bidder, Keolis Commuter Service, LLC, in defeating a motion for preliminary injunction by an unsuccessful bidder.)